Why Do You Need A Roommate Agreement?

  • by Ishaani Agarwal
  • 06-07-2021
  • 4 minutes
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Why Do You Need A Roommate Agreement?

Beginning to live with someone new is a very big change, especially if you are picky and choosey, which by the way, is not a bad thing. However, to make sure that you have the perfect experience with your new roommate, we suggest that you sign a “roommate agreement” or a contract.

Well, we know this may sound boring and useless at first, but trust us, it will make your life a hundred times easier and prevent many conflicts. It is indeed better to be safe than sorry. 

Once you have met your ideal roommate, it’s time to sign a friendly contract. (if you’ve trouble finding one, follow our guide here).

To begin with, what is a roommate agreement? 

Young people wishing to share an apartment or home with someone else are increasingly opting for a roommate agreement. It is essentially an informal contract that spells out each roommate’s desires, wishes, and expectations for living with each other. Fundamentally, it is a piece of paper that both roommates agree upon to make their time together as easy and seamless as possible. 

Following are the benefits of a roommate agreement:

  • Talking about problems and needs from the start of your lease prevents awkward and embarrassing confrontations. 
  • It prevents conflicts and you won’t have to worry about as many issues in the future. 
  • When you sign a roommate agreement, majority of problems are solved. Even before they arise.

Download CoDee’s Roommate Agreement Here!

What to add to your roommate agreement?

First of all, an introduction. Here’s an example. 

On (start date of the lease), we (the names of each roommate), signed a contract for (address of your apartment/house/rental space). Make sure to include the fact that each of the roommates signed this agreement voluntarily. 

Terms and Conditions

Include an announcement stating that your agreement will remain effective from (start date) till (end-date). 

If one of the roommates moves out before the agreement has expired, the departing roommate should remain liable to the landlord under the terms of the lease. It is also the responsibility of the departing roommate to find a suitable replacement roommate as well. When a potential replacement roommate is introduced, the remaining roommates must give their approval. 


This section should be straightforward, as the talks of money should be.

Simply mention the total rent amount. The date of the month when rent is due and the amount that each roommate must pay. 

rent is due


If pets are allowed, all the roommates must be comfortable with the decision. Each pet owner must be responsible for any deposits and damages incurred as a result of his or her pet. 

Groceries and food preparation 

Considering varying dietary needs and eating schedules, each person should be accountable for shopping for his or her food supplies. Without prior permission, no food should be taken or shared. 

Security Deposit 

You should spell out how much each roommate is contributing to the security deposit. Along with the details about the payment, the contract must also include information about the refunding of the deposit. 

For instance, if one housemate scrapes the wooden floor and your host doesn’t refund the full security deposit, what happens? Does everyone lose a percentage of their deposit, or is the offender the only one who loses out? Of course, we wish you don’t run into this situation. But once again, it’s more beneficial to cover all scenarios before they occur.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Roommates should create a considerable timetable or schedule that assigns specific chores. Each roommate must agree to wash their dishes and tidy up after use. 

spongebag cleaning the house

Personal Property 

All housemates must agree that to borrow any personal belongings a prior approval is mandatory. If there are any exceptions, state them explicitly. Any borrowed property shall be treated with respect and returned in the same condition. In the event of damage, the “borrower” will be accountable for fixing or replacing the article.

Guests and parties 

Are overnight guests allowed? Or, if they are only allowed under certain circumstances, as discussed priorly? Your tastes may seem natural to you, but your roommates may have other ideas.

If you want your roommate to consult you before they throw a party, a roommate agreement is an ideal way to do it.

Parking Space 

Before you move in collectively, calculate how many cars each housemate will have with them and how many parking lots you and your housemates will have access to. If the number of vehicles is higher than the number of parking spaces, determine who gets which area and if they have to pay anything for the same.

mr. bean parking his car


“As a participant of this roommate agreement, I acknowledge that I along with my roommates have equivalent rights to use the aforementioned space and all its facilities. 

This contract is meant to encourage roommate harmony by outlining our duties and responsibilities.”

Each roommate must sign and date the contract. 

Download CoDee’s Roommate Agreement here!

In conclusion,

People get into fights even in the primmest and most perfect relationships. So, why not turn to an already agreed-upon list of rules and expectations rather than letting it fume until it explodes out of proportion?

It will keep everyone on the same page and hold them liable for their actions. 

Hello! Dirty dishes and laundry! They won’t clean themselves. 


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much needed. great, thanks for the advice. and also, I downloaded the sample agreement-really helpful!! thankyouu


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