What to Look for in an Ideal Roommate

  • by Krithika Iyer
  • 03-06-2021
  • 3 minutes
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Your roommate is not someone you just carpool with, they are someone you share a living space with. They have a major impact on your mental health, academic achievements, and social behaviour. Finding an ideal roommate is essential!

To have people around us with whom we can mingle easily is very important. This is where Apps like CoDee come as a life saviour, by helping us find the ideal roommate. While you wait for the app to launch, here are a few things you must consider before you decide on living with someone new. 

5 Basic Traits To Look In For In Your Ideal Roommate 

Let’s go over these traits one by one. 

Balanced Temperaments

Do you have friends who like the same ice cream as you but when it comes to dealing with so-called “Karens” in the grocery store, one of you has an outburst and doesn’t take their crap, while the other simply listens to them yell? That basically means that you guys have different temperaments. 

The one who is more vocal might even at times get annoyed by the fact that the other isn’t as vocal. This is okay if you guys are friends. However, when we talk about roommates it becomes important that your temperaments are similar. Both the roommates need not be completely the same, but your temperaments must match. 

If you are a person who loves to socialize and invite friends home, having a roommate who is not a social animal can be problematic. An ideal roommate for you isn’t likely to be someone who likes the same shows as you, although that is useful, but someone who would want to talk to your friends as well as to introduce you to theirs instead of staying isolated in their room all the time.

Unclashing Routines

Do you know what would suck? Having a roommate with the same schedule as yours. Whenever you are home trying to have a chill night, they are always there.

Yeah, it gets boring and exhausting after a while. 

Before deciding on who should be your roommate you need to make sure that your schedules don’t clash. When it comes to your ideal roommate, It should be such that you get to spend time together but at the same time get your own space. 

There are drawbacks to not having as much privacy if your roommate is always around and CoDee helps you in this aspect. After multiple quizzes and tests, it helps you find your right pair. You will be able to enjoy spending time with them without feeling suffocated or trapped.

Clean Living

I am not a clean freak. My room is generally a mess and I organize it only once every month. My mom, on the other hand, doesn’t like that. It is no surprise we quite often have arguments over how I am apparently “so lazy and messy”. It is fine in this case because she is my mom and has the right to yell at me. 

A roommate yelling at me though? No way!

A clean dorm or apartment is crucial to a few, on the contrary, some don’t mind a little mess. Arguments concerning the state of your living quarters are liable to erupt at any time if you and your roommate have opposing expectations of cleanliness. An ideal roommate would be one who would respect your choices in terms of cleanliness. This would also help reduce arguments and an area of conflict.

 Healthy Communication

Communication is necessary for any relationship, platonic or otherwise. 

What if you were angry at someone but didn’t tell them because you didn’t feel you could be open enough with them? It is surely going to take a toll on your mental state and lead to a giant outburst.

The secret to a healthy roommate relationship is living with someone who communicates well. You and your roommate will be responsible for the upkeep of your apartment or dorm. No one else will clean up after you or pay your rent. To avoid unpleasant circumstances, live with someone open to talking about how to divide responsibilities. 

Even if you have a good relationship with your roommate, don’t be scared to double-check facts.

Shared Interests

The fun part about having a roommate is that you also have someone you can be great friends with and spend time with. However, if you guys had nothing to talk about, things would just get awkward. 

You guys would be nothing more than just roommates. It is not necessary that all your interests need to match, but even then having a few common ones helps you mingle well. If you enjoy video games, having a roommate provides you with an automatic gaming companion. Two music-loving housemates can share their favourite bands and introduce one other to new music. 

When you’re looking for something to do, having a roommate who shares your hobbies ensures that you’ll always have at least one activity to do together and have fun!!


When you pick a roommate, don’t just settle for convenience, look for compatibility. CoDee has your back!

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