Tips An Introvert Needs While Living With An Extrovert

  • by Renisha Jesvita Fernandes
  • 16-10-2021
  • 4 minutes
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Moving to a new apartment can be overwhelming. If you are a college student, you will already be stressed by making new friends, studying, and college. On top of that, having an extrovert roommate for an introvert is another huge load to tackle.

But it sure isn’t that hard. It becomes like Chandler living with Joey, but hey, they made it work out, didn’t they? So can you.

Try To Relate With Them

We can learn from Joey and Chandler that no matter how different two people are, there is always something familiar. It is difficult for an introvert to start a conversation, but try to do that. Here are some examples of how you can relate to your roommate. Talk to them about what food they like. This sparks a conversation. One of the questions that can help a conversation go for hours is, “what do you look forward to in the future?”

Talk about TV shows. Like Chandler and Joey loved the show Baywatch, you and your roommate might find shows that you both love. And that can be the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Often an introvert is a great listener, and an extrovert is a great speaker. They complement each other very well, but this is a fantastic opportunity for introverts to learn how to be good conversationalists and vice versa.


Understand That The Priorities Of An Extrovert Will Be Different From An Introvert’s Priorities.

One can’t always want everything. The truth about being a human is that we all have different priorities in life. So do roommates. All roommates are not friends, but they do have a cordial relationship with each other. When you only have a cordial relationship with your roommate, you will not always be their top priority.

As much as you might try to build a bond with your extroverted roommate, it will be normal that their priorities might not match yours. The extrovert’s priority can be going out and shopping, while the introvert might hate that.

An introvert’s top priority can be sitting and reading a book, which might not be the top priority for an extrovert. Extroverts and Introverts are a maze when they come together. It will all be okay if one steers clear of conflicts and understands that they are not always the other person’s top priority.


Set Boundaries With The Extrovert

If you want to survive with your extrovert roommate, then setting boundaries is a must. For instance, extroverts love dragging conversations. They tend to talk about five other stories before coming to the actual point. As an introvert, however, there are very high chances that it might drain you. So set boundaries, make sure that they know that you prefer conversations to the point and that long extended conversations tire you.

The other thing to keep in mind is that as an introvert, one might find it hard to speak up about certain decisions about the house. It might seem intimidating, so the best thing to do is make all major and minor decisions beforehand. The best place to keep note of all this is in the roommate agreement. Having boundaries is essential for the physical and mental health of both you and your roommate.


Find Your Own Introvert Space

As an introvert, you need time to recharge yourself. Not just for your physical health but also for your mental health. It is crucial to find an introverted spot in your home where you feel good, it seems peaceful, and no one disturbs you.

The place does not need to be specific. It can be a balcony, the outside of your home, or even your bed. When you start feeling cranky because of a lot of social interaction, take your time to relax and do what you love the most. Give yourself grace and retreat to your introverted spot. You have the absolute right to take your alone time. Not taking some alone time to recharge and relax can lead to mental exhaustion. You can also feel super grumpy and upset, which can lead to some unnecessary fights that you don’t want.


Be A Good Introvert Roommate

“Huh?” You might be thinking as you read this point, but it is highly relevant. As introverts, we often tend to judge extroverted people. You need to understand; not everyone can be like you. Be considerate and respect your roommate’s preferences.

Your roommate also wants a safe space; they also wish to have friends to vent. They want to be themselves at home. So be nice and be there for them. Understand that there are going to be conflicts. When two people live with each other, conflicts are guaranteed, but proper communication can go a long way. Basic communication can help you survive living with someone not exactly like you.



These are some essential tips that will serve as a survival guide for you. These tips will help you on your journey of living with an extroverted roommate. Remember to be yourself no matter what. It is advisable to sign a roommate agreement to avoid lifestyle conflicts. Get your free copy of the roommate agreement today.

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