Quiz: How Competitive Are You in Reality?

  • by Mansi Rai
  • 31-08-2021
  • 2 minutes
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We might think that we aren’t that competitive when it might just be way too far from the truth. For some of us, a simple monopoly game is like life and death. For some others, not so much. They just love to chill and annoy that super competitive person. Then, there are the people who simply sit back, relax and watch the drama unfold (While also secretly planning how to win the game, because obviously, they want to win too.). Being competitive can be good when it helps you push yourself. However, it can become a problem when taken too far.

The quiz below finds out your degree of competitiveness. Before taking the quiz, there are two things you should know first, healthy competition and unhealthy competition. Unhealthy competition arises from insecurities and self-doubt. It poisons your professional and personal relationships, and you fail even when you succeed because you are constantly anxious. On the flip side, healthy competition is a tremendous motivation that can help you advance and contribute more. Thus, a high level of competitiveness doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing. A high score can mean that you need to ease a little and lie back.

Do you want to find out where you lie on the levels of competitiveness? Take this quiz to find out!


Thanks for taking this quiz!

We hope you enjoyed it. Check your email-id for the test results of this quiz. If you cannot find the mail, do not forget to check your spam box! You probably now know where you lie on the competitive horizon. You can use this information to work on yourself, and see if you should take your competitiveness up or down a notch! After, too much or too little of it might just not work out in your best interests many times.

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