Quiz: How Compatible Are You And Your Roommate?

  • by Mansi Rai
  • 10-07-2021
  • 2 minutes
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Quiz: How Compatible Are You And Your Roommate?

Wondering how compatible you and your roommate are?

Maybe it has been a long time and you are only now starting to realize that our relationship with your roommate is not the best. You might be having regular fights and disagreements, but you just ignored them. You might have thought that this is probably something all roommates have to go through. You’re not wrong, they do, but only to some extent.

When the fights get excessive, it is a sign that something is wrong. It is common for all of us to think that there is nothing “wrong” with us, and there is no way that we were the reason that an argument erupted. We tend to be quick to find the flaws in others and blame them for arguments, conflicts etc.

What we don’t stop to think about is the fact that maybe we are the ones at fault. Maybe they aren’t the “bad roommate”, but we are. If you have questions about how good of a roommate you are, take this to find out! See if it is you who should be working on yourself to have a peaceful time with your roommate.


Thanks for taking this quiz!

Thanks for taking the quiz! Hope you enjoyed it, and that it revealed certain aspects of yourself in terms of being a roommate that you hadn’t noticed before. If it turns out that you are an amazing roommate according to the quiz, then good for you and your roommate!

You’re probably very caring and understanding of their needs. You know when to apologize, and respect boundaries. If problems are still arising between you and your roommate, maybe you should get them to take this quiz too! There is a possibility that they should be trying to work on trying to be a better roommate, and not you!

However, it is also important to remember that no one is perfect, which is why if the results aren’t what you expected, don’t be discouraged. Take some time to figure out the things you need to work on!

Try making amends with your roommate, and letting them know that you are trying to do better. Catch yourself every time you think you are lashing out, and make a note of it. Maybe ask your roommate what you could improve upon!

Certain conflicts could also be arising because your roommate might not be compatible with you. Compatibility essentially involves shared interests, levels of warmth, competitiveness etc. This is where apps like CoDee are really helpful! 


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