Is my roommate affecting my mental health?

  • by Mansi Rai
  • 19-08-2021
  • < 1 minute
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It is not rare that the person you are sharing a home with affects your mental health. Whether it is isolating yourself in your room because your roommate has people over all the time or they never do the dishes, and the constant arguments take a toll on your mental health. Or maybe, they have an existing mental health issue that you weren’t aware of and now have to learn how to handle it.
However, the opposite is also common. Your roommate might uplift you and make your mental health better! They could be someone who helps you come out of a negative headspace and become the best version of yourself. Maybe having a roommate around helps to get out of the routine life you were living before. The positives of having a roommate are countless.
Do you want to know whether your roommate has a negative or a positive impact on your mental health? Take this quiz to find out!

Hope this quiz helped you gain some insight into how your roommate is affecting your mental health! Mental health is very important, and should not be ignored. If your roommate is great for your mental health, congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot. However, If you think your roommate is not right for you and is taking a toll on your mental health, try talking to them about it. Tell them if there is something in particular that is bothering you. If the situation remains the same, you might want to ask them to move out. Living with a roommate is supposed to be an enriching experience filled with growth and joy, not the opposite. Take the right decision, and stand up for your mental health!

Take our quiz on How compatible are you and your roommate?

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