How to find a good roommate? 

  • by Ishaani Agarwal
  • 17-06-2021
  • 3 minutes
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How to find a good roommate? 

Does your search for a compatible and good roommate seem to be a never-ending process? Well, you are in the right place!

“A roommate is not just someone that you share a living space with, they have an enormous impact on your mental health, physical well-being, academic and co-curricular achievements.”

Statistics prove that students who have at least one roommate are more likely to have high levels of peer connections and interactions, academic commitment, and dedication. Simply put, having a good roommate enhances your living experience for the better. 

And CoDee is here to help you get the best possible roommate, so your home can be your sanctuary. No matter how far your dreams, passions, and ambitions take you. Through this blog, we hope to give you a few points to keep in mind while you pick an ideal and a good roommate. 

Anyway, without further ado, while you wait for our app to launch; here are a few tips and tricks on how to pick a good roommate.

Why is picking a compatible, understanding, and good roommate so important?

Roommates have a very special bond. They know everything about each other and always help each other no matter what the circumstance. We are pretty sure you all have heard that your company and relationships play a significant role in your day-to-day life and also shape your actions, thoughts, and goals.

Therefore, having a good roommate who truly knows and understands you and tries to cheer you up when you are low, is what we are all looking for. But often, finding the roommate we need can be a tough and difficult job. However, those are not your worries anymore. We here at CoDee will help you analyze, assess, and find your perfect match for a roommate. 

Now getting on to the main question, how to pick a good roommate? 

Work out your expectations from each other in advance

Before you finalize your roommate, you should make sure that you both aim towards achieving a similar lifestyle. Communicate and discuss your expectations beforehand to avoid messy situations. Under this, you may want to consider each other’s sleep schedules, chores, money, rent, food, pets, cleanliness, etc. 

Shared interests and common topics that you like to talk about 

Even though sharing interests with your roommate is not completely necessary, it can help you get closer and have common topics to talk about. This will ensure that you always have one “partner in crime” when you are looking for something fun and exciting to do. This also prevents conflicts. For example- two roommates who love listening to music can discuss bands and singers and expose each other to new songs. 

Knowing their cleaning habits

Sharing chores can be a tricky business. Hence, to avoid future conflicts, consider finding out about your roommates’ cleanliness habits. Once you know if they’re neat or messy, let them know about your habits. 

Ensure that they can pay the rent

While getting to know your to-be roommate, get them to share information and details about their paycheck. Be careful while doing this; avoid being offensive. Your aim is to ensure that they can pay their share of the rent in the due time.

Stalk them a little 

Here, we are not encouraging you to completely creep into all their social media, but some stalking wouldn’t hurt. Google them and find out more about them and their history. This can also give you a better idea about their past experiences, habits, and perspectives. Run a brief background check on their credit reports and criminal history. Yes, this may sound strange but you should be completely sure that you aren’t living with someone suspicious. 

Sign a contract

Put down your terms, conditions, and agreements on paper. Vagueness and informality can lead to future conflicts. This contract should be taken seriously. In this, you can include topics such as noise, guest rules, pets, rent, cleaning, etc. 

Meet up with your potential roommate in person

Make sure that the person seems safe and friendly. Choose to meet up in a neutral location like a coffee shop, and talk over your expectations and needs. 

Choose someone similar to you

If you have a handful of good candidates, pick the roommate most similar to you. Roommates with compatible interests tend to get along very easily. People with similar tastes, values, and interests often make a good team.


To know how an ideal roommate would act and what basic traits they should possess, check out our blog: what to look for in a roommate.

A Quick Recap

Until the CoDee app launches, these tips will come in handy.

how to find a good roommate

In conclusion, we would like to quote Uzma Akhtar Ashrafi by saying “Roommates are not permanent, but the attachments are”.

Thanks for reading. Have a great and productive day ahead. 



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awesome! these are some very appropriate and adequate pointers. will definitely keep in mind while picking my college roommate. very excited about the whole experience. thanks!


Awesome advice, thanks


Amazing advise. Very well put. I wish I had this back in my times. I hope this helps many- something To be so mind of. Really well explained!!!


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