Founder's Note

codee was born shortly after experiencing a terrible roommate relationship in college. It requires learning how people surrounding you can affect your life beyond their presence. As a psychology and neuroscience student, I was confident that there is a science to roommate compatibility. It would be revolutionary to use that to our advantage. I gained some experience working with Trijog, a mental health facility in Bombay, for a year before Rakshit and I founded codee.
I started codee because I saw a problem I believe I could solve. People are far from creating meaningful relationships; one's need to belong is fulfilled by social media. As a result, we omit friendships with people we didn't know as well, or at least as much as we think. That way, we are surrounded by people not compatible with us, more often than not. I'm not trying to replace anthropological or sociological behaviour science. I see this as a supplement to those things. The codee algorithm is research-based, data-driven, and prioritizes the significant components that dictate compatibility. It's essential to look at the algorithm as advice. We advise you to look at certain components of a person which are not necessarily attention-grabbing to understand your compatibility with them. Our aim is never to control behaviour.
Seeing the heightened pace the world maintains, companies like us need to keep up. This is why codee is always going to be an unconventional company. A place that facilitates curiosity, versatility, and change. A company that is never stagnant and constantly ever-evolving. Our aim is to do more together: work towards our individual and group goals to do extraordinary things. Many of us lose our independent self whilst working for a group. But at codee, we maintain individuality with interdependence.
We purport to advance compatibility in modern platonic relationships and simplify the process for young adults to find their compatible roommates. So that one's home can be their sanctuary. We do so with positivity, compassion, influence, and deference.
One of the most frequently asked questions for us is, "but what if people lie." To which I answer through the following analogy: you're much less likely to hit the "Like" button on Facebook if you think you'll look foolish to all your friends, but on a platform like codee, where your messages and your "likes" aren't public, there's really no reason to try and game the system. It's terrible for you to lie on this site. So there's inherent honesty with that data.

Amanat Bansal

Director of Research and Development

Rakshit Shroff

Director of Finance and Operations

codee hopes to continue to figure out what compatibility means to people and how they can rely on their social support. Our questions are asked in aggregate. We are focused on the group effects of our user base and not on what a single person is doing.
Many people call codee "tinder for roommates." Let me elaborate on why that is misleading and incorrect. Even though our users would interact with many strangers, we have designed the app, so it's not open to making snap judgments of one another. It's more meaningful as nobody is trying to sleep with each other, which adds a certain piquancy to the whole thing. It is a kind of a unique window into people's psyche, which has become almost redundant through modern social interactions. We categorize ourselves as a high intent app. Unlike the applications mentioned above, high-intent apps have more detailed profiles and track success stories to measure accomplishment. We have designed codee to let members connect easily and make those interactions meaningful, which means no swiping and the 'Likes' are scarce. On our apps, users connect by sending out 'Invites'—a written note limited to 5 a day for non-premium users.
codee also understands cultural differences and is designed considering the expectations that come with it. We aim to have a tailored set of questions for each locality to find information particular to your needs as a community.
Another common concern is safety. Most geo networking apps don't warrant long-term interactions. But for roommate-ships, security becomes more imminent.
Although we hope to expand globally, our current focus is augmenting the algorithm. We value quality over quantity, and so, as a high intent app, our focus is on community building. We hope to constantly innovate our tech and design to provide an enriching experience to our members. With apps becoming such a crucial part of our lives, we aim to be the go-to app for young adults to find meaningful social support wherever their ambitions take them.

Codee acts as your wingman and helps you connect to your ideal roommate. The App analyses your profile and matches you to a roommate you are most compatible with.

Values that drive us


You control your data.


Our screening process is indestructible. We keep our community safe by having all verified profiles.


A dedicated team of psychologists have made the algorithm robust to connect you with compatibility.