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Codee’s Mission

Codee’s mission is to create a safe space for all young adults to find their most compatible roommates through unparalleled power of innovation and research. We hire passionate people to help make this a reality.

Working at codee

At codee, we care about your individual personality at work or outside. Working at codee is a self-guided tour. Our culture is fast-paced and innovative. Your impact should be felt. We believe that a company only succeeds if each of its individual members is motivated. We aim to build an inclusive environment in which everyone regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, or background can give their best.


Anuj Puri

We open our doors to unique talents. Accelerate your journey to create an impact. Join us.

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Internship Programs
Anuj Puri

If you're a student with an interest in building an innovative brand, then apply for one of our internship programs.

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Campus Ambassadors
Anuj Puri

A 30-day work-from-home program aimed at building leaders. Students of any degree, stream and year can apply to the program.

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