Best Roommate Apps That Will Keep Your Life Organized

  • by Renisha Jesvita Fernandes
  • 14-08-2021
  • 6 minutes
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Living with other people isn’t always easy. It gets harder if you do not know them properly. But certain apps can help save lives and make sharing space with a person easier. Here is the list of best roommate apps that will keep your shared life organized. 


Picture Credits: TheEdgeMarkets

Rent and expenses come along with the word new apartment. However, many times what might happen is one might owe the other but not remember how much. This roommate app is a lifesaver in that matter.

It allows you to create accounts with friends where you all can put in how much you paid and how much you owe. In this app, one can create different data such as room expenses, grocery expenses, gift money, and so on. Within these data’s you can organize them into different subgroups. You have to add the people in the group and then add how much everyone owes you or how much you owe them. After the individual has paid, one can record that too on this app. This will avoid conflicts between roommates. 

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Listonic – Grocery Shopping List:- 

Picture Credits: Listonic

There must have been times where you and your roommate both ended up buying the same things. This might be because there was no proper communication. This causes a lot of chaos and wastage of money. 

Listonic helps you avoid this problem. This app allows an individual to have multiple lists. The lists have no minimum or maximum items. So one can add as much as they want. You can sort lists by isles. For example, If you require two kinds of toothpaste, add them to the list. You can add their prices to keep track of the money. The items can be added using the voice message option. To separate items, you will have to say the word “and” after each item. The best part is that this is free.

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GPay / PhonePe / Paytm :-

Picture Credits: EnTrackr

You might already have this app if you are living in India. In today’s world rarely does anyone have cash in hand. So one needs to have all these 3 apps because you never know which one stops working or acting weird.

The first app is Google Pay or GPay. This is an app that almost every Indian has on their phone. Once you install this app, all you have to do is add your bank account after which you will get an OTP. After that is done the bank account will be linked and so will the contacts. Now once can send and receive payments at the comfort of their homes. 

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The second app is PhonePe. It is very similar to GPay but it has a few different features. If you have two accounts registered under the same number, both accounts will exist. You will have to choose which account you want and then complete the payment.

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The third app is Paytm. You can register the same way as GPay. You can pay using the QR Code or UPI or Phone number.

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Flaters | Roommate Organization App:-

Picture Credits: AppAdvice

Living with someone will not always be joyful and peaceful. You can use this app to divide tasks. This roommate app allows you and your roommate to put in events on the app. This way you know when one person is free and when the other person is not.  In addition, who takes the trash out every morning can also be delegated. Remember that both individuals are living in a shared house and it is not a hostel. You will be responsible for your house, no one else.

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Tody – Smarter Cleaning:- 

Picture Credits: Mobile Syrup

As the name suggests, Tody is about cleaning. There are due dates set showing you what chore should be done on which day. A meter is set motivating you to clean as in this meter you can see when was the last time you cleaned. Tasks are assigned along with due dates just like assignments are assigned. This app is available both for Android and IOS.

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Picture Credits: IndiFi

Yes, this might sound crazy however, it’s not entirely crazy. As a college student, you might not always be able to cook. Some days might be overwhelming due to the workload or just a bunch of assignments. During this time you mustn’t burden yourself even more. Zomato is one of the most reliable apps. It has a variety of foods and they are available for prices within your budget. Remember, that treating yourself once in a while should be normal.

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Picture Credits: Innov8tiv

An apartment is not just an apartment, once someone moves into that apartment it becomes a home, a home that is shared by the people living in it. In a home, you take care of that place. OurHome is a to-do list app that lets you assign chores to roommates. There will be a graph with everyone’s chores. You can also set up grocery lists, add items to them while they get over, and remove them once someone gets them. It doesn’t end here, this roommate app also allows you to add rewards to maximize motivation among your roommates. One example of a reward being to choose dinner. This is the perfect roommate organizational tool.

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An apartment always needs to be clean. Maybe not spotless but at least there are no dishes in the sink and no laundry piling up for months. Nipto is a roommate app that keeps track of all the work that needs to be done. Initially, you can create a team after which you can add your roommates to those teams and work can be organized. This app also helps the participants earn points according to how much work they have done. This is a simple cute app that makes chores so much fun.

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OurFlat :-

Picture Credit :- AlternativeTo

All in one. OurFlat like the name suggests includes almost everything in a single app. In this app, you have the finance feature where you can keep track of expenses. A calendar where all the roommates can add the respective events they have so there is an idea of who is free on what day. When you are living in an apartment you will have chores. This app also has section tasks where the chores can be allotted to each person respectively. Best of all one can even chat in this app so events like surprise birthday parties can be planned.

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White Noise Lite:-

Picture Credits:- Google Play

Not all roommates will have the same sleeping schedule This is when White Noise Lite comes to the rescue. White Noise Lite has ambient sounds of the environment that will help you relax during the day and sleep great at night. Along with this, you have the option of mixing sounds and even sharing the new sound. White Noise Lite is not only a noise-cancelling app, but it also helps in reducing migraines, headaches, and increasing focus.

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We hope these apps help you live an organized life. If you are looking for an app where you can find an ideal roommate then here is some exciting news! CoDee is launching its roommate app to help you find a compatible housemate. Stay Tuned.

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