5 Signs Of Healthy Roommate Relationship

  • by Renisha Jesvita Fernandes
  • 04-09-2021
  • 3 minutes
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Living with a roommate is exciting, it can be the start of something beautiful. However, it is extremely important to have a healthy relationship with your roommate. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time living with a roommate or your 10th time. Knowing the signs of a healthy roommate relationship is very important. It is not easy to identify the difference between a healthy and unhealthy roommate relationship. So, here are 5 signs of a healthy roommate relationship for you to understand the healthy side of a relationship.

  1. You Are Yourself Around Them

    Roommates are individuals who you will see every single day of your life for a specific period. So, one of the most important things to keep in mind is comfort. When you are comfortable with someone, how you look doesn’t bother you. You should never feel like you are living with a stranger. Living with a stranger will never give you a strong sense of security, and you will always walk on eggshells around them.

  2. Good Communication

    Living with a stranger sure seems exciting and to a certain level, it definitely is. This excitement though remains only for a month. It’s after this one month that the real part arrives. Having good communication is one of the most important signs you will have in a healthy roommate relationship. It is not hard to communicate with another person though it sure can seem intimidating.

     If something about your roommate is bothering you, it is important to communicate and let your roommate know about the same. Holding it in only creates resentment and does no good. One of the hardest things one will have to do is start conversations. So just do it. The faster you start the conversation the faster it will be resolved. Good communication forbids a lot of overthinking. It also creates a safe space between roommates.

  3. Respect Each Other’s Boundaries

    Respecting each other is one of the most basic factors of any healthy relationship. People deserve their privacy. Don’t expect them to hang out with you all the time nor act grumpy when they go out with someone else. No one is entitled to anyone’s time. 

    It is important to set boundaries from day one. These boundaries can be as simple as don’t touch my stuff without asking me first, please knock on the door before entering my room. Boundaries need not be stopped at this. Let’s take an example of your roommate wanting some alone time and as a roommate, you might be concerned. However, don’t push them to say what they are feeling. Be there for them and reassure them that no matter what you will always be there. These kinds of boundaries are very important to maintain.

    Don’t ever talk crap about the other individual behind their back. Roommates are supposed to have each other’s back not stab the other with a knife through words. Differences in opinions happen but talking absolute crap about them is a big no-no.

  4. Rules Are Rules

    Being roommates doesn’t excuse inappropriate behaviour. Certain rules have to be always enforced. One of them being a roommate agreement. Always have a roommate agreement. One can’t forget chores like cleaning and throwing the trash. These chores need to be scheduled and no excuse will be taken other than a genuine one. 

    What a roommate does in their room is up to them. The one thing that won’t be up to them is the neatness of the common living areas. Make sure that common areas are clean and there is no trash lying around. 

    One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to use the other’s stuff without permission. Good roommates always respect your living space and privacy.

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  5. You Become Family

    The hardest part of moving to a different place is being away from family. The best part of finding a roommate is that you gain another family. The best sign to know that you have an amazing relationship is that you become family. Roommates know that they are no longer roommates but family when their parents know each other. 

    Initially, the awkwardness will be there. However, over time you will slowly love that their parents come over when required. This way you get help with certain chores around the house like laundry, cooking, and getting groceries.

    The best part of becoming a family is trying different kinds of food. No food is ever the same, there will always be something different and that is the beauty of food. Roommates can be annoying and the number of times one says “Can’t wait for you to move out ” is insane but the peace after they leave is for 5 mins. Once they leave the silence kills you and the nail strikes that they won’t be there anymore. 


It is important to note that fights and conflicts do not mean you have a bad relationship with your roommate. Like any other relationship, a relationship of roommates can never be perfect. You don’t need to have a perfect roommate relationship but rather need to have a healthy one. And a healthy relationship is always about communication, boundaries, and mutual respect.

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